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solo show BOOTCAMP

3 months dedicated to positioning your practice in contemporary discourse and setting it up to change the world

Your art practice is high stakes.

You're tackling the nuances of how culture is created and experienced in a way that no one else can. Without your work, important conversations might never happen, key connections might never be made, game changing ideas might never come to fruition.


You're the kind of artist who can't create in isolation because your art isn't made for you -- it's for the community, the culture, the world. Your art is of and for this moment, and you know better than anyone how much we all need it right now.


You owe it to us all to make sure your work is seen, and not just for the sake of being seen. You owe it to us to show your work in a context that highlights everything that's at stake.

A solo show is the best way to Really dig into the issues and ideas at stake in your work.

Not Just an Exhibition Opportunity

Solo Show Bootcamp is not only an exhibition opportunity, it is a one of a kind exhibition management residency for artists that will give you the tools and experience to make the most of your future opportunities and leverage them to build momentum around your work.


Throughout this 90-day experience, Casey will be your creative collaborator, creating space for the time and care necessary to both understand and join in your vision. Honoring you as the expert on your artwork, Casey brings an objective and research-based curatorial lens to each session as you work together to refine the language and context through which you present your work. 

The fruits of this creative collaboration will include:

  • A Co-curated Solo Exhibition on view in perpetuity in the Casey Can virtual gallery that powerfully positions your work within contemporary discourse

  • An Artist Interview published on the Casey Can blog that offers a thoughtful and intimate framework for understanding the work on a deeper level

  • A Curated Contact List of relevant press outlets, writers, scholars, curators, gallerists, and more who have dedicated themselves to the cultural conversations to which your work is contributing

Professionalize your practice

through an exhibition project

Solo Show Bootcamp is not just about creating an exhibition together - it is about giving you tools that will strengthen your practice overall and help you receive more opportunities in the future and leverage them fully to create the greatest impact possible. To this end, Solo Show Bootcamp Artists also benefit from:

  • Digital Asset Review & Revision - Together, we will review your websiteSocial Media accounts,,Artist StatementArtist Bio, and artwork images to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

  • Exhibition Management Resources - Through the process of creating this exhibition, you'll walk away with these resources that you can use to effectively manage your future exhibitions: an exhibition management checklist, a Press release template, Social Media content calendarOutreach email templatesNewsletter template

  • Weekly Consulting sessions to help answer any of your questions about how to make the most of your opportunities.


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Program Schedule

Phase 1 - Getting to Know You

  • Week 1: Biography Interview - tell me your life story

  • Week 2: Artist Biography Interview - start from the first time you called yourself an artist and tell me the story of your practice

  • Week 3: Digital Asset Audit - we will go through your website, social media, artist statement, bio, CV, and artwork images to see where you are at and identify weaknesses

  • Week 4: Studio visit & Exhibition Brainstorm - show me what you are working on now and what you are most excited about and brainstorm solid ideas for how to encapsulate that in a solo exhibition. 


Phase 2 - Exhibition Planning

  • Week 5: Exhibition Planning #1 - We’ll select the exhibition framework and refine the idea while selecting the images to be displayed in your virtual exhibition

  • Week 6: Focus on refining exhibition statements and finalizing a press release

  • Week 7: Round 1 exhibition marketing & outreach - we will spend our time researching relevant contacts, compiling an outreach list, and crafting personalized emails announcing the upcoming show that will get their attention. We will also create some social media content and a newsletter you can send to your personal contacts 

  • Week 8: Interview for Publication - Now that we have thought through this idea a lot, we will conduct a final interview about the work in your exhibition to be published on the Casey Can blog


Phase 3 - Exhibition Promotion

  • Week 9: “Install” - we will finalize the virtual exhibition and both it and the interview will go live!

  • Week 10: Round 2 exhibition marketing & outreach - we will follow up with the contacts we compiled, create more social media content promoting the show, and update and resend our newsletter to let everyone know the show is live and you will be hosting an artist talk/walk through next week!

  • Week 11: Gallery Event - we will host a virtual artist talk and exhibition walkthrough where you will have a chance to talk more about the work on view

  • Week 12: Wrap up/Exit Interview - You and I will chat about your experience, your next steps, and ways that I can improve the program.​

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