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The art world expects a lot from artists,
but you don't have to do it all alone.

As a Casey Can Retainer Client, you'll have an administrative powerhouse with a deep understanding of your practice focused on positioning your work with clarity and intention. You'll benefit from a suite of done-for-you administrative support and high-level, 1-on-1 consulting designed to help you reclaim the time and space you need to focus on the work only you can do so that together we can ensure your art has a meaningful cultural impact. 

How it works

We work with our clients using a 3-pronged approach that includes a period of foundational learning and integration followed by ongoing consultations and done-for-you administrative support. Here's what that looks like:

Laying the foundation

We are experts in collaboration and know that any good partnership must be built from a place of trust and shared understanding. That's why all of our clients undergo a 4-week onboarding process focused on learning about you, your life, your practice, your goals, your influences, your passions, and so much more. This crucial onboarding period helps us come together as a team with a shared understanding of where we're heading and how we want to get there.

  • Week 1 - Background Interview

  • Week 2 - Studio Visit

  • Week 3 - Strategic Planning

  • Week 4 - Implementation Session

high level consulting

This is a high-touch collaboration, which means you and Casey will be in close communication through all of your projects. Here's what that looks like:

  • Voxer access Mon-Thurs to exchange voice memos about ongoing projects

  • Monthly 1-on-1 consultation calls

  • Access to weekly drop-in office hours


As a Casey Can client, we would take care of the following tasks for you:

  • Opportunity research and proposal management to ensure that we submit to two aligned opportunities each month

  • Monthly website updates including adding photos, adding new pages, and updating texts as needed

  • Newsletter management to ensure that a top notch newsletter is sent out every other month

  • Direct email management to make sure you are consistently connecting with new contacts

  • Instagram management to ensure that 2 engaging posts are created and uploaded each week

more thoughtful positioning

more strategic marketing

more chances to build relationships

Less stress & Burnout

Why it works

This retainer reflects the offerings that have been most transformative for Casey Can clients. Our focus is on helping you land new opportunities while building visibility through Instagram and email so that with each new opportunity, you are building momentum. Equally as important, we are dedicated to helping you integrate the administrative elements of your practice in ways that fuel your creativity and impact so that you can avoid overwhelm and burnout and rest easy knowing you are progressing in alignment with your goals.

Who is this for?

  • Dedicated Visual Artists - Our clients are emerging and mid-career visual artist who view their creative practice as their life's work.

  • Impact-driven - Our clients are interested in creating meaningful contributions to contemporary cultural discourse, and they have a vision of how their work can have a lasting impact in other people's lives. 

  • Collaborative - Our clients know their strengths and weaknesses and are eager to release a degree of control and let others take ownership over certain parts of their practice.

  • Curious and Experimental - Our clients are willing to try new strategies and learn new ways of doing some things. 

Who is this Not for?

The Artist Support Retainer might not be a good fit if you are looking for:

  • An Employee - We provide a specific set of deliverables using the processes and procedures we have developed that allow us to provide those services effectively and efficiently. We may not be a good fit if you are looking for someone to provide services we don't offer or in a way that doesn't align with our method. 

  • A Gallerist - While we believe landing aligned opportunities and getting visible will lead to sales, our focus is not on connecting you with collectors or actively selling your work.

  • Short Term Support - Our focus is on building long-lasting collaborations built on a deep understanding of each of our artists' work and goals. If you are looking for help with a short term project, we may not be the right fit.

now accepting new retainer clients

The Artist Support Retainer is currently accepting new clients.

The rate for this services is $960 per month for a minimum of 6 months.

Book a Retainer Planning Call using the link below to get started!

Have questions?

Want to clarify some details before getting on a call? Email the team!

What clients are saying

"Casey Curry really can do it.  She provided exactly the help I needed to get my art exposure goals moving forward.  She works efficiently. Things that would take me hours are so manageable in her hands.  With her help I was able to articulate a genuine version of who I am as an artist and she helped me to translate our findings into useful formats like an artist’s statement, bio, and C.V.  She goes above and beyond. When I think we are finished and she’s done enough, she comes back with one more thing or two that she will do for me, one more thing she will take off my mind so I can focus on making art.  I truly value having another set of eyes on my promotional materials and her streamlining of processes. She is articulate, knowledgeable, and easy to work with."
- Anne Doolittle, Nashville TN
"It may be easier to list what Casey did not do for me. She set up my Instagram shop, maintained various on-line art sales and gallery sites, created all my Instagram posts and managed reels (including the editing). She organized my inventory, did research for content, hashtags and timing of posts and most importantly listened to me and reflected our conversations into all the content she created for me. For any artist who needs this type of support I would highly recommend Casey."
- Simone Scholes, Manchester, MA
"After searching for a good bit I felt so fortunate to have found Casey. She is very professional and knowledgeable. It was wonderful to have someone who would help me brainstorm or organize my thoughts. Casey has so much to offer her clients and is eager to help find solutions. Every business needs a team member like Casey who is dependable and patient in deadline situations. I can’t recommend her enough!"
- Amy Crews, Birmingham AL
"After displaying and selling my paintings in various galleries for decades, I decided to open my own gallery in 2020. I needed a lot of help in the administrative and social media facets of opening and operating a gallery. Casey exceeded my expectations. Not only did she assist with social media and some PR ideas, we spent hours creating a fabulous logo together for which I was able to use on my business cards, other stationary, website and external gallery sign. Casey has always been quickly responsive and communicative. I highly recommend her services to other creators. She is excellent at teamwork as well as working on her own to come up with solutions for my questions or problems."


- Lana Gordon, Rockport MA
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