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exhibition management

leverage your exhibition opportunities to build momentum and increase impact.

Casey is an expert at helping you get the most out of your exhibitions so that each opportunity leads to many more in the future. While you focus on pulling together a powerful body of work, rest assured that you have a partner working to get that work in front of the right people in a way that honors what you've created.

Why you need an exhibition manager

As exciting as they can be, exhibitions are also exhausting. By opening night, many artists are already feeling burnt out and end up missing opportunities to build momentum and impact through the run of the show. Bringing on an exhibition manager can help you avoid this situation so that your show experiences are not only more effective in moving you towards your goals, but they are more enjoyable and less stressful as well. 

more thoughtful positioning

more strategic marketing

more chances to build relationships

Less stress +

exhibition mangement services

Exhibition management with Casey is projects specific, designed to help fill in any gaps in expertise to make sure that each collaborator is able to focus on what they do best with the assurance that nothing is falling through the cracks and every opportunity related to the show is being seized and optimized to help build momentum and impact. Here are a few of the ways that Casey can help:

  • craft a memorable press pack

  • manage a seamless collaboration 


  • Design insightful gallery materials

  • create a comprehensive outreach strategy

  • refine your exhibition concept

  • brainstorm and plan exhibition events

  • assist with installations

So much more

This is only a partial list of what Casey can add to your exhibition team. Get in touch to learn how else she can take your exhibition experience to the next level.

The Investment

Exhibition management services start at $1,500 per project. Get in touch to talk through the details.

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