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Touchstone INTENSIVE


These month-long experiences are the key to Casey's method. They are designed to clarify your intentions, jump start a more strategic and streamlined engagement with artist opportunities, and set the stage for an ongoing collaborative relationship with the Casey Can Team.

Touchstone artists benefit from:

  • 2 half-day co-working sessions focused on refining each artists submission materials and developing a fresh perspective on their impact and goals.

  • A 1-month membership to the Casey Can Community where you benefit from personalized curatorial research and drop-in office hours to help you continue to develop and fully leverage materials and strategies co-created with Casey. 

why we start here

These intimate sessions reflect the ethos of care that is central to the Casey Can mission. We strongly believe that in order to support you in a meaningful and transformative way, we must make space and dedicate time to curiosity, exploration, and experimentation. That's exactly what these sessions are all about. Through the course of two half day work sessions, I will get to know the ins and outs of your practice and let you in on all of the tools in the Casey Can arsenal that can help you take aligned action towards the next phase of your art career. 

The Touchstone Process


Interview - Studio Visit - Digital Asset Audit


Our first co-working session is devoted to listening and learning about you and your work.

  • Interview: We start with a casual interview where you are encouraged to share your story, your ideas, where you've been, and how that has impacted where you want to go.

  • Studio Visit: Next, we'll take a deep dive into gaining a mutual understanding of your work and processes using images and objects to help clarify elements of your story. 

  • Digital Asset Audit: Finally, I'll ask you to walk me through less sexy parts of your practice to shed light on how you keep yourself organized and what systems you have in place to promote the work your are doing.


Review - Revise - organize - Strategize

With all of that info in hand, we'll break for the day, and I'll get to work creating a work plan to help you create the transformation you seek. Your Day 2 session will unfold around the needs we uncovered in day one, but could include any of the following. In general, Day 2 is all about getting sh*t done and by the time we wrap up, you'll have a clear idea of what the next steps are and exactly why and how to take them.

  • Review & Revise: We might update your CV, revise your statement, write an artist bio, edit a grant or exhibition proposal, update Etsy product descriptions, or...

  • Organize & Strategize: consolidate your contact lists, troubleshoot a technical issue, research artist opportunities, optimize your social media accounts, re-organize your website... 

  • Get Sh*t Done: draft a newsletter, write a press release, prepare for an exhibition or event, create IG content, -- just to name a few.

The next 30 days

connection - support - accountability

Armed with renewed clarity and refined assets to help your find and seize aligned opportunities, we'll be there with you as you begin putting these new tools to work.  For the next 30 days, you'll be a member of the Casey Can Community where you'll benefit from:

  • Curated Opportunity Research: Our dedicated curatorial research staff will have your practice in mind as they scour the internet for grants, residencies, fellowships, exhibitions, RFPs, and more artist opportunities. We will send you as many as we can find that match your goals and eligibility. When possible, we will even copy you on emails to our personal connections introducing you to decision makers who can help you land aligned opportunities.

  • Unlimited Opportunity Vetting: Found an opportunity all on your own? Send it our way to get feedback about whether it seems like a reputable partner and a good fit based on your practice and goals. If we have a connection to the folks in charge, we'll help connect you!

  • Casey Can Office Hours: As you start applying for aligned opportunities and growing your network, you'll have access to Casey's office hours where you can get clarity on any questions or concerns that arise during the process. Office hours are held a minimum of 2 hours per week (schedule TBD) and Touchstone Artists can sign up for as many 15-minute slots per week as they need.

The Investment

The rate for a Touchstone Intensive is $1,250. Limited need based scholarships are available. 

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